Facts about Skip Hire in the United Kingdom

Skip hire is a great solution for waste management in the United Kingdom. This service has benefited the people with convenience and saved them from spending so much hard-earned amount. Skip hire services Romford, and skip hire provider Dagenham are operating for delivering excellent assistance to the disposal of trash.

Skip Hire Company

The company has approval from the government known as a waste carrier license and permission from the regional commission for skip to be placed on land owned by the council. One must check that the company should hold insurance and a license so that one would not encounter a great loss if any accident occurs with the property. Skip hire services Rumford has an outstanding courtesy in terms of the permits, insurances and other legal authorization. These services even confirm the type of waste in the skip as only limited wastes are allowed such as construction waste, furniture waste, plastic, garden waste, and soil, etc. Skip hire provider Dagenham includes the companies that especially take care so that the wastes containing biological wastes, paints, tires, and batteries should not be put in the skip.

Different Sizes of Skip Hire

It is very essential to estimate the garbage for analysis of an accurate size of skip hire to be needed. This will prevent from spending the amount of money which is not necessary. Five main sizes of skip hire are available – mini, midi, builder, maxi, and roll-on roll-off. Each one has a distinct quantity and the prices related. Mini size has a quantity of 2-3 yards, midi size consists of 4-5 yards capability, builder size comprises 6-8 yards, maxi size constitutes 10-18 yards and roll-on roll-off acquires capability about 20 to 40 yards.


Skip hire is a decent arrangement for waste management in the United States. The companies have authorization for waste carrying, insurance, with other legal permits. There is a certain type of wastes which is put in skip such as garden soil, furniture, metal, and wood, etc. Batteries, chemicals, tires, and biological waste should be prevented to alleviate in a skip. Skip hire comes in different sizes so one should identify the need before booking services

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