Hacks to cut skip hire price

Skip hire services are the most comfortable services that ensure the stable and reliable disposal of waste materials. You spend your hard-earned money on skip hire services and expect excellent services. What if these services become cheaper than your estimated expectations? Some ways can make skip hire services the most economical and affordable one.

Choosing correct skip size
Skip hire services in Brentwood has different sizes of skips with varying carrying capacity. The larger size enhances the prices even compared to smaller sizes, so one must have a correct estimation about the waste amount to book the exact skip size.

You must reuse the reusable waste materials as these will only fill the skip and you need to book large size for this. But if you reuse the waste materials, you would need a small size skip reducing the skip prices. Harold Hill skip hire services also recycle reusable materials after separating waste materials based on their types.

Crush waste materials
Skip hire services in Brentwood never allows filling the skip to go beyond a certain level for safety purposes, which means skips should not be overflowing. One must crush waste materials as much possible so you can use maximum space with a less price.

Avoid restricted materials
A skip can only contain garden waste, soil, wooden planks, and constructional wastes, etc. Harold Hill skip hire services impose a penalty for putting restricted materials into a skip such as pharmaceutical trash, paints, plasterboard, and poisonous stuff, etc.

Avoid extending the collection schedule
Skip hire services appoint a collection schedule as per your requirement that is how long you will take to collect the trash into a skip. If you want to extend the collection schedule later, these services will charge you additionally. So, one should avoid extending the collection schedule.

Avoid Permits
Skip hire services in Brentwood takes every permission on the customer’s behalf with additional charges like skip hire permits and controlled parking zone suspension. So, avoid using legal lands for a skip to avoid extra charges.


There are super awesome hacks to reduce the skip hire prices to save money.These hacks are avoiding permits, avoiding to extend the collection schedule, and putting restricted materials into the skip. Reusing materials will also help to reduce the quantity of waste material reducing skip hire prices.

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