How to Determine the Right Skip Size to fit your Need

If you are planning a home renovation project or a major office cleaning work, you need to make prior arrangements for managing the waste that will be generated as a result of the process. And the best means by which you can dispose of your waste in a responsible and efficient manner is by hiring a skip from the professional Skip Hire Services in Romford.

Most of the time people who need a skip are not sure of what size they must choose. If you want to choose a skip that will adequately accommodate the junk that you need to dispose of, there are a few critical factors that you must ponder upon.

How to approximate the Skip size?

People who want to hire a skip, especially those hiring for domestic purposes, are perpetually confused about the approximate capacity of the skip they must choose to hire. Skip hire providers in Dagenham offer a wide range of skip sizes that range from 2-yard skips all the way to 40-yard skips. The skip prices vary depending upon their sizes. So you must choose the right size to remove the amount of waste generated as it is crucial to saving time and money.

Range of skip Sizes Offered by Skip Hire Companies

  • Mini Size Skips – Ranging from 2 Yard Skips to 3 Yard

The mini skips are ideal for carrying small amounts of domestic waste like garden clean ups and small scale home renovations projects. As these skips are smaller in size, they usually fit into properties making them very convenient to use. A mini skip can accommodate 25 to 35 black bin bags of rubbish.

  • Midi size Skips – Ranging from 4 Yard Skips to 5 Yard

The midi skips are only slightly larger than mini skips, making them a perfect choice for larger projects like some major household renovations or garden landscaping work. Their size is ideal eliminating considerable amounts of waste like household junk and garden waste. A midi skip can accommodate 45 to 55 black bin bags of waste.

  • Maxi Size Skips – Ranging from 6 Yard to 18 Yard

These are basically the large sized bins that are used for commercial and industrial purposes. As they are quite large in size, they are used to eliminate large amounts of waste including bulky items and heavy materials. The maxi skips can accommodate a range of 65, 80, 100, 120, 145, 170 and 195 black bin bags.

  • Roll-on Roll-off Skips – Ranging from 20 Yard to 40 Yard Skips

These are the largest heavy duty skips that are used to dispose of industrial and commercial waste. They have an immense capability of getting rid of waste including bulky items and heavy materials making them an ideal choice for eliminating huge sized rubbish produced by industries. Sizes include 220, 275, 330 and 440 black bin bags.

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