How to reduce Skip Hire Price?

You have come to the right place if thinking of hiring skip services at the cheapest prices with the best services. There are methods and the ways that can help you making the skip hire services more economical. Skip hire services are affordable and save the environment as the wastes are removed to the landfills and recycled depending on the nature of the waste. Skip hire services in Brentwood are licensed and use every safety measure from waste collection to the removal of waste.

Choose the correct skip size

You should have an idea about the amount of garbage to choose correct skip size as big skips add to the loss of money as big skips have extra charges attached. Mini skips are good for domestic wastes and small projects. You should take care of the skip size before hiring. Hire skip hire in Woodford which provides good advice about the skip size sufficient for the waste generated.

Neglect Permits

Skip hire services adds an extra amount to the overall prices of skip if they need to take permission from legal authorities for parking skip in controlled area zone or the land of the government. You can neglect these costs if you put skip on your property.


You must always ensure that skip hire provider is licensed and have insurance for the waste material collected because if any damage occurs, you can suffer a great loss. Skip hire services in Brentwood have every legal authority for waste removal to the landfills or sites and provide insurance too.

Avoid Delay in Collection Schedule

Skip hire services can charge you an additional amount if you extend the collection schedule. Generally, the collection schedule of skip hire services in Brentwood includes 1 to 14 days after delivery. You should be punctual in regard to the time of waste collection because delaying means spending your hard-earned money.

Avoid Plasterboard & Hazardous materials

Skip hire services in Brentwood don’t permit plasterboard, medical waste, metals, radioactive materials, and wet wastes in a skip. If you put or hide these substances in a skip, service providers will impose penalty charges on you. Types of wastes should be considered before putting in skip to prevent any kind of penalty.


Skip hire services are environment-friendly and cost-effective waste removal solution still there are methods to reduce the price of skip such as avoiding permits, taking care of the size of skip and type of waste to be put in a skip, neglect prolonging of collection schedule, and must ensure the licenses and insurance of the providers.

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