How to save money in hiring skip hire?


Skip Hire is one of the very popular methods of waste collection. When you think of hiring a skip, you prefer the one with the best service and the cheapest price. But if you want to learn some ways to save your hard-earned money in hiring a skip, you are in the right place. First of all, you should request a quote to service providers and then choose the particular service provider wisely which can save your money without compromising in the services.

Book service providers near your location

The charges of hiring skip hire services in Brentwood depending on the distance of the customer. One should try to book service providers who are nearest to the location to cut off the extra charges.

Avoid extending the collection schedule

When you hire skip services, they provide the collection schedule. If you go for extending this schedule, Harold Hill skip hire services issue penalty for this delaying in the schedule.

Use the accurate size of skip

The cost of skip increases with the size of the skip. One should try to have an accurate estimation of waste production and book the right size of skip to avoid loss of money.

Type of wastes

Harold Hill skip hire services impose a penalty if they find restricted materials in the skip such as hazardous substances, medical wastes, paint, and radioactive materials, etc. Only certain types of wastes are permitted in the skip such as soil, wooden materials, and garden waste, etc.

Avoid using legal lands

When you use legal lands for skips, you need to have legal permits from the legal authorities. Skip hire services in Brentwood charge extra for taking legal approval from the legal bodies. So, you should avoid using government-owned lands.

Avoid using Controlled Parking Zones

If you are using controlled parking zones for the skip, you should have permission from the government. Skip hire services in Brentwood charge additional for taking this approval, so you should avoid using controlled parking zones.

Avoid using loading services

Skip hire services are only responsible for the delivery of the skip and to collect it for the removal of waste. It is not responsible for loading the junks into a skip. If you hire loading services, you have to pay more.


You can save money in hiring skip services through different ways such as avoid using legal lands, loading services, controlled parking zones , care about the type of waste, size of the skip , and book services near to your location.

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